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SS Owners in BFE, how do you address service needs?

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Being an owner in a fairly remote area, this has always been a question of mine. I have been able to take care of changing the clutch myself, as well as other basic needs, but I don't have a tire changing machine in my garage! I recently purchased new shoes for my wide body Super Snake, and being where I live, I could not find a trustworthy place to change something as simple as tires. I actually went to a few local tire shops, and they flat out told me they would not touch them!(at least they were honest, I commend them for that) I finally found the tires in stock on Tire Rack (FYI, MPSS are on Sale!!), and on their site, they offer ship to installer services. I did a little research and found a shop about 75 miles from me that deals with Continental Series, as well as SCCA cars. They showed no restrictions for changing the massive rear 345's! I hope to have finally found my solution to a long standing issue, but I will not find out for sure until Monday when I can call them.


Question to everyone out there: How have you addressed your needs if you live in remote areas? I know there are some folks on here that live in far more remote areas than I.


Thanks in advance!



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