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Forum Discount w/ Shelby?

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Tried that but still a no go

okay, Sorry, as you can see I too am not a member so I wouldn't know how it works. I was trying to go by my memory of when I was a member. I'm sure someone here will be willing to help. Once Z-Man gets involved he usually follows through to completion!


Good luck

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I signed up and didn't get a discount code

Let me preface this by saying that things are always subject to change. In the past premium (aka paid) TS memberships received a one time 10% discount each year on a single purchase along with a year long 10% discount in the Las Vegas & Los Angeles Shelby gift shops.


If I recall correctly the member must place their one time yearly discount over the phone with SPP so that SPP may verify that you qualify for the discount along with applying the discount to your order. This also lets the member choose which order they want to use their one time yearly discount on, meaning that a member might want to hold off using their one time yearly discount until they are ready to place a large order for the largest discount possible.


I should add that non-premium TS members can purchase a premium TS membership at the same time they place a large SPP order to take advantage of the once per year discount. For example if a non-premium TS member was planning on placing a $500 order through SPP it would be to their benefit to place the order over the phone and request a premium TS membership be added to their order which would then get them a $50 discount off their large order. Premium TS members also qualify for special sales from SPP.


The 10% gift shop discount can be used as many times as a member wants as long as they have an active premium TS membership. Only SPP has the once per membership year restriction.


And before anyone starts asking questions about their TS account and if they've used their once per year discount yet, I can't answer those types of questions. You'll need to call SPP at 702-405-3500 or email them at store@shelby.com


Let me repeat that the discount program details may have changed so its best to verify with SPP. I'm just posting how the discount program previously worked. I'll try to follow-up with SPP in case something has changed but its best for you to phone or email SPP for the latest.



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I've always called my order in, and asked for the Team Shelby discount.


They should be able to look your membership status up while you are on the phone and tell you if you are entitled to a discount and what percentage. If you have your Team Shelby membership card handy, it will have your membership # on it, which may help the process.



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I've just spoken with the manager of SPP and the Director of Team Shelby and we're all in agreement that these details need to be spelled out somewhere. I'm told that will be worked on asap.


Until then the discount works as I described it in the previous post with some added comments below.


  • Any orders where a discount will be applied must be called in to SPP, the discount can not be applied online.
  • Superchargers and select SPP parts may be excluded from the discount. You must call SPP for current exclusions.
  • There is no cap on the discount. It can be used on any sized order so its best to place the largest order you can when using this once per year discount.


Hope this helps.



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