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2013-14 GT500 Three-Piece Lower Air Dam Hardware Question


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2013-14 GT500 includes a three-piece lower air dam which supposedly must be installed to achieve VMAX but many have left uninstalled entirely due to the upper air dam looking and working well by itself and how easily damaged the lower dam is and how difficult it makes many things like loading to, and off-loading from, a trailer.


The lower dam includes a small plastic bag containing instructions and eight small metal clips which secure the lower air dam to the upper. At least it's supposed to include a Hardware bag (as pictured) but, for myriad reasons, not all do.


Does anyone know how/where to source replacement clips without buying an entire new lower air dam? Would anyone have a spare set from a previously-sold 2013-14 GT500 or replacement Splitter who'd consider selling them to a needier owner?


Thanks in advance for any helpful insight.


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