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Stupid Questions: How to tell the difference between a Shelby Super Snake and a non super snake?

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I am trying to find out how to tell the difference between the 2013 and 2014 Super Snakes and non-Super Snakes since I am in the market for one.

Basically, I am trying to find a Super Snake w/the standard 850HP package, and I am not sure how to tell the difference between them and a normal 13'/14' Shelby when I view them at dealers, and most dealers tell me they are not sure.

Does the Super Snake edition have the seats labeled super snake, the snake logos, says gt500 super snake on the side, super snake on the lower rad, etc

So far all the ones I have looked at have the Snake logos on them but don't say super snake on the side or on the rad.

EX- https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/m-Earth-MotorCars-sp301868#listing=163010400

EX- https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/m-Camarena-Auto-sp309635#listing=161932271

Sorry if this is a stupid question. I love Shelbys there just isn't much info out there to help me out with this, and since I wasn't watching Shelby's in 13'/14' and just started catching up again so I am not sure if they even made anything besides the super snakes for those years.

Also 2013 vs 2014 opinions? I know the differences were pretty minor, and I think I am leaning towards the 2013 model a little. Have big plans to swap out for 3.73's, throttle body and intake upgrades, etc.

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