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2007 GT H Engine and Exhaust Upgrade Questions

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The cheapest most effective way to add power is with a huffer and improve your fuel system. Leave the exhaust alone, and don't waste your time with cams and such. Your engine and transmission are very safe as long as you don't chase too much power and you pony up to have it tuned by an experienced professional. Like I said, 425-450 is very safe. When you exceed 500 RWHP (which is easy to do with a Whipple) you are asking for trouble.

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I went with the 550 HO Whipple on my 06 GT(same engine as your car). 505 RWHP, very smooth power band. The car was tracked regularly and now is approaching 90K miles on the install, with out any issues.


Built Ford tough!

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Ford Performance (Ford Racing) has a Whipple package that when installed on a new engine, preserves the warranty. Knowing that Ford has fully "vetted" this unit and the tune is piece of mind. Your car is clearly out of warranty so going with a third party you'd want to have a proven track record on your engine.


Be wary that some of these third party configurations may not (are probably not) emissions compliant in CA. That can be a concern for future resale.


My SGTs were early in the supercharger era of SGT/SC mods. The Paxton had failed to get CAB approval for the '08 and Ford had not yet released their Whipple-based upgrade, so Shelby was using a Kenne Bell unit. I loved it!

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