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Good Mechanic in Orlando, FL


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I am out of warranty on my 2012 GT500 and I am looking for a good mechanic in Orlando, FL that can do basic maintenance as well as some if not all of my heavier maintenance and mechanical work. I was never happy with the dealership's shop so now that I am out of warranty I would like to find a top notch replacement that wont leave me cleaning up after them because they don't take pride in their work or they don't know how to do the job correctly. Any help appreciated.

Thank You,

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OK Thanks. I saw them on google and I am glad to have your verification that they do good work. I am going to give them a call. I live down by the intersection of 408 and 417 in East Orlando. I figure it would be about an hour to their shop if there is any traffic. That's not bad considering how long it would take me to even complete just an oil change on my own (buy the oil, get the car up and down, dispose of the oil, etc). The last time I had the oil changed Greenway Ford spilled/dumped at least a quart of oil on top of that panel underneath the car that says "remove before oil change". I was checking the oil every time I stopped just to make sure nothing was leaking. I kept finding drips under the car. Even after I found the spill and cleaned it up I was still checking to make sure it was just a spill and not a leak. The time before they messed up a simple alignment so bad (could not get steering wheel centered after 3 attempts) that they paid me to take it somewhere else to let them fix it. Then I had the hood repainted because of some bad stone chips and Gerber collision got overspray from some other job all over the side of my car and then told me I brought it in like that. I tell you all that just so you know I appreciate your help with the recommendation. Word of mouth is the only way to go.

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I bought a truck from Greenway, was not impressed.


As far as body work, Gerber Sucks!!! I have a person that I have used for 30 yrs and is a good friend of mine. There is also a very good paint and body shop that is in our little Ford Performance Group on Facebook.


If you are on Facebook, please look us up. We are a local club in the Central Florida area.




Would like to meet you.

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