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Suspension ignorance


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Sorry for what could be a silly question. I am doing upgrades to suspension on my 13 gt500 convertible. I have gotten parts together. I have gotten upper control arm w new upper mount, lower control arms, adjustable pan hard bar and brace, caster camber plates and steeda lowering springs. The springs is where I have my question. Do I need to do steeda bumpsteer kit and joints cause I, lowering car in front end? Will not doing this ruin my handling? Again sorry for a silly question but I'm new to mustangs. Also am I missing some items I should do at same time? Thanks to those brave enough to answer

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You do not NEED a bumpsteer kit, but it will help get the car's geometry lined up correctly on the front end. This would help with tire wear and controlling the car when hitting bumps in the road. With all the suspension mods you are doing, I would recommend them...it cant hurt.


As far as 'joints' (I think you mean 'Jounce')...These help with proper travel distance with new springs on the front a rear. Again, not required, but will likely make your ride better.

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I would recommend a bump steer kit. I installed one on mine with stock SVTPP suspension and it made a difference in daily driving. Severely reduced the unexpected side hop and steering wheel being jerked out of my hand. Car is more predictable. Once you lower your car and add all the suspension mods, the problem will only be exaggerated. I did all new control arms, springs, shocks, and tower braces to an 07 GT that I autocrossed, and the bump steer was awful. Just my opinion.

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I found with my 2008 Super Snake that when Shelby installed the optional Eibach coil over suspension, the body of the car dropped which is what the lower springs are supposed to do. The steering rack is attached to the K-member (body) and it too dropped. My spindles were still in the same position as they were before the body (steering rack) drop. Even with my untrained eye I could look up under the front of my car and see that the rack end(s) were lower than the spindle end(s) of my tie rods. I added the Shelby bump steer kit and positioned the spacers as required to get my outer tie rod ends (at the spindles) more in line with the inner/rack tie rod ends at the rack. I certainly did not think it would hurt to get the rack pushing more in line, rather than pushing upward (and pulling downward) every time I turned my steering wheel.


I also took a very simple Home Depot angle finder with a magnetic base and attached it to the steel tie rod end on each side, before and after. The bumpsteer kit lowered the tie rod ends at the spindles and put the steering closer to back in line, rather than pushing upward and pulling downward with each movement of the steering wheel. That is all I know about these bumpsteer kits.


Here is the kit I used........






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