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Terlingua 2017


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Happy New Year from the Terlingua Preservation Society board of directors.

As we do every year, we are opening registration for all past and current alumni for the 2017 event as of January 1, 2017. Nothing is needed from you now except an email back to David saying you are planning to attend the T17 event. Your email which will hold you a spot.

We were completely full last year and want to give all alumni the first opportunity to hold a space first. T17 promises to be better than ever with some new happenings on day one, and all the things you have enjoyed including the speedrun, performance events and more.

Please send David an email back to vorpl8@yahoo.com to hold a space and let me know how many people are in your party. A $300 deposit will be due May 1, 2017 as in past years. The cost will remain the same as the last year, Lajitas our event hotel has agreed to work with us to keep the cost from rising. The cost will be $1,400 single and $1,700 for two people,

Please also let David know if you plan to attend the pre-event and wish for a room Wednesday evening at Lajitas, which will allow you to keep the same room for the whole event. The extra room night cost will be $200 with all taxes and room taxes included. The Star Gazer Mesa event will be an extra again you can sign up for now or later. Space is limited to the first 40 people for Star Gazer Mesa with the additional cost of $195 per person like last year.

2016 was our biggest event ever and we raised over $25,000 for local charities thanks to everyone who attended. Plus we had great times, drove hard and saw lots of the heritage of the Terlingua area.

You can cancel as always without penalty until September 1st, but please send an email so we can hold spots and then get newbies space (if they exist) starting March 1.

See you in Terlingua!!



P.S. New attendees "Newbies" can register starting March 1st.


As always, we prefer a check as that saves the charity about 2% but we can take credit cards and PayPal as well.



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