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Need Help on Measurements

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By any chance could someone measure their racing stripes for me? I have a 1966 Fastback that is not original, so I am going to hotrod it a little bit. It started out Emberglo in color based on the vin (looks like the vin has been welded to the apron and the data place was in an envelope, not attached to the door.
The car is currently being block sanded and goes into primer this week. I am hoping to have it painted by the end of next week. I am going with Competition Orange, with the current GT350 stripe measurements (Black with White trim). My GT500 had different sized stripes on the hood vs roof vs rear deck. The 1966 Shelby GT350 had different measurements from the front of the hood to the rear of the hood, and different over the roof and down the back.
I would really appreciate any help you guys could give me with measuring the width of the stripes from start to finish on the panels and let me know how wide the black stripes are and how wide the white trim is.
I think I attached pics of my car in it's current state at the body shop for your viewing pleasure and will keep you all up to date on the progress, which is about to slow down because of a lack of funds. After paint, an updated front end will be going on the car with power, rack and pinion steering, upgraded front suspension and disk brakes all around. I also have the majority of the interior parts ready to go, with Lizard Skin going on after the exterior is painted.
I really appreciate anyone's help. Happy New Year....

Interior Dec16

Left Dec16

Right Dec16


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Go to the Tony D, Branda site and check under "tech. info". There is a .pdf file for the factory/dealer Lemans Stripes for 1965-66 stripes. No stripes were done for 1967-70 except by customers. You can find other info on Mustang to Shelby conversion. Branda has great quality repo parts.



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I appreciate the replies, thank you very much. I have the dimensions for the 66 GT350. I am actually looking for stripes that are a little more narrow and I think the current GT350 stripes would be perfect, which is why I am asking for those dimensions.

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