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New Venom wheels?


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FXR500. I'm the new SPP Manager and glad to be part of the Shelby Team here in Las Vegas!


There was an unexpected delay in receiving the wheels from our supplier. The great news is that most of the sizes have shipped and should be arriving at SAI this week!!! I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.



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Ok, so I'm not the speediest guy.


I got my wheels in early February, and I just put them on my car today.


When they arrived, I unboxed them to check for damage. Good news was that 3 of 4 were in great shape. I had scuffs around the outer edge of the 4th. A quick call to Jeremy, and I had another one headed my way. Unfortunately, they had to wait for the next shipment, and I had to wait to see if the color would match. Thankfully, it did.


Here is a picture of the packing and the damage. The center cap is packaged in a small box, and all four of mine were rattling around loose.




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So, after I got the replacement wheel, I needed to order tires. Well, like I said "not the speediest guy". I did order some Michelins for my birthday in April. I went stock size in the front and 295 (105Y) in the rear. I forgot to mention, I went with 19x9.5 and 20x10.5 on the wheels.


It took a couple weeks to get the tires, and I was up at local Discount Tire watching them like a hawk to be sure they didn't scuff my new wheels.


A few more weeks go by, and I finally put some Adams Polishes Wheel Coating on yesterday. This morning, I put them one and I'm very happy with how the fit and look. I'm surprised at how similar the colors is.





Side by side





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As an added bonus, my rear end looks like its pretty well centered (I'm still at stock PP height). The 295s are definitely wider, and the pictures don't really do them justice.


Here's a few shots to show the fit.






I'll have to post again when I get a chance to break in the Michelins. Time to go get a shower and get ready for another HS graduation party.

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