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Best Ford dealer installed Supercharger kit?

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What is the in/outs of a supercharger kit that could be installed as a complete kit by a Ford dealer?


Got a buddy with an 08 Shelby GT vert. Car has only 3K miles. He got the car after his father passed 2 years ago. He would like a dealer installed supercharger kit. He drove my GT500 a few days ago and it has a dealer installed Ford Performance 2.9 Whipple kit. 725 hp. Now he wants more power.


But....here is the catch. The car is his but his mother is very protective of the car since it was the last car her husband of almost 50 years bought. When he mentioned during some mods his mother said something like "over my dead body" lol. I'm sure she had visions of a good ole boy shade tree mechanic under the hood. When I told her the mods on mine were sold as a kit by Ford and installed at a Ford dealership, she became much more agreeable. So, to keep the peace, he wants a dealer installed deal.


We do a Ford dealer about an hour away that is a high volume Roush dealer as well as SVT. I'm betting they would do an install.


So, what kit? Whipple? Roush TVS? What?

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