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2007 GT500 Shift Pedal Adjustment?


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Thanks everyone for the answers on my tires and shifter knob (Conti Extreme Contact DW's are incredible and thanks MSB64 for the shifter help).


However now it appears I have another new problem (150K miles tends to cause some problems). I barely push my clutch pedal in at all now to start to shift/release and after searching online for many hours about adjusting the height of the clutch pedal (i.e. lowering it) without any clear answers I thought I would stop wasting time and consult the people who really know...the highly knowledgeable members of this forum!


Is there a way to adjust the clutch pedal height in a 2007 GT500? I.e. have it dis-engage/release closer to the floor rather than when I barely touch it? Can this also be the cause of clutch slippage in 6th gear under heavy loads like going uphill? My fairly new McLeod RXT 1000HP clutch was supposed to last longer than my previous two stock ford clutches (about 45k miles each) not just 10K miles! By the way I don't track mine, it is just a daily driver.


Looked all over this forum and others online and the info is not clear on how to adjust the clutch pedal height on a 2007-09 GT500.


Solved the tire and broken shifter Knob problems and now this shows up! Hopefully it is an easy adjustment and I will not be needing another new McLeod clutch! Again only 10K miles on the present one.




MSB Mustang / Mark

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Your clutch is hydraulic so there's no way to really adjust the height like you would with say a cable clutch and quadrant.


I suspect there may be an issue with your clutch if it's not engaging properly.... which sucks :/


I ran a McLeod in my car after many recommendations from forums. I'll never run one again.


It lasted less than 30k miles and rattled like hell the entire time.


I now have a stock 2013 GT500 clutch in the car and it's awesome.. AND quiet!

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I have used both the stage 2 & stage 3 spec clutch with new flywheel and slave cylinder each time.  The stage 2 lasted around 100k miles before I fried it.  I have about 110k on the stage 3 clutch with no issues.

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