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Tire size? Recommendations for '09 GT500KR


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Hello All,


I've had my KR almost a year now and it has the presumably stock Goodyear F1 tires, which not only do I hear leave a lot to be desired, but I experience their hard driving and lack of traction characteristics.


I think I'm ready to switch per others' comments and am still a bit confused on the size. I think I will keep it to 18" stock size but am a bit open minded. And do I keep the rear tires slightly larger? I read some nice comments on the Michelin Pilot Sports.


Thanks very much for your suggestions!

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I recently swapped out the OEM Goodyears for the Michelins PSS, went 275/40/18 all around because I wanted the ability to rotate. So far, I really like the way the tires perform. Good grip, braking wet/dry, quiet- definitely a step up over the Goodyears.


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I have the 18" KR rims on my SGT, and have been running the BF Goodrich Sport Comp2 tires - 275/40/18 on all 4 corners. I have been using this combo for street and annual track event each January. I've been very pleased with this set up, but would like to hear of additional comparisons on tires as I'm due for another set of tires shortly. I know that two of the Mustang driving schools use these tires, and they were a new release about 3 or 4 years ago....figured I'd give them a try if they were good enough for the Mustang performance schools.


Does anyone have any real time comparisons between the Michelin PSS and the BFG Sport Comp2?




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