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2017 Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals - SAVE THE DATE - June 1st to the 4th


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This year is looking like it may be much better. Lots of cool new stuff we are looking to do.


Sheppd01 is right!


Last year was good, but this year is already shaping up to be better. Many more people have offered to help, and we are getting an earlier start on the whole planning process. Lots of excitement, enthusiasm, and ideas.


We are striving to keep the same structure (Summit Point / Carlisle) but to add new and different 'experiences' throughout the event.


Keep checking back to see what we are planning, as we aren't ready to share our secrets just yet!



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Want to know were to stay with all the Team Shelby Members in Carlisle, PA for the All-Ford Nationals 50th Anniversary of the GT500 ?

We decided on the same place as last year, and we negotiated a better rate than last year. Our rate is $139/night. If you call and say you are a member of Team Shelby, you will get this rate.

77 Shady Lane, Carlisle, PA, 17013
Phone: (717) 706-3400

(Plenty of parking for trucks and trailers!!!)

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If you want to have your Shelby GT500 Featured, this is the site for all the information you need to know.


Carlisle All-Ford Nationals

Quick sneak peek of the logo for the upcoming Shelby GT500 celebration coming up in June. Have a GT500 you would like to have featured in the display? Apply at http://invitationals.carlisleevents.com

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If you plan on going to the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals, and I'm sure you are, skip the gate and pre-order. The registration package comes right to your door - registration decal and all. So why wait? BE SURE to select Team Shelby when registering.



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If you plan on going to the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals, and I'm sure you are, skip the gate and pre-order. The registration package comes right to your door - registration decal and all. So why wait? BE SURE to select Team Shelby when registering.




To reiterate what Jester said....


When you register, you want to pick "2017 Carlisle Ford Nationals Show Field". There will be a 'drop down box' asking for your Club....BE SURE to select Team Shelby!!!!


Carlisle keeps track of how many people register with each club, and there are benefits to the clubs with a higher number of registered attendees.


If you intend to participate in the Saturday evening parade to Downtown Carlisle, that is a separate 'drop down box' on the registration page.


Also keep in mind that much of the Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals will take place inside the Carlisle Fairgrounds. You will need to register for the Carlisle Ford Nationals to enter the Fairgrounds.


Attendance for the Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals will require an additional registration at a later date. We will open our registration as soon as all the activities are finalized and costs determined.


We are working on some very special additions to this years program....things were have never done in the past at Carlisle.



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If you plan on attending the track portion in WV we have a Team Shelby discounted Hotel.



The reservations can be made by calling 1-800-795-7001. The group code is TEM0531. You will need to give the reservation agent this code in order to receive the $99.00 room rate. Keep in mind the rooms will return to normal inventory 5-21-17 if they are not booked by the group.


We have 35 rooms blocked for Team Shelby. If they go fast I could probably get more.


18 King rooms

17 deluxe 2 queen beds

$99.00 a night + 12% tax.

We can check in on May 31st and checkout June 2nd


The inn at Charles Town

100 Hollywood Drive

Charles Town, WV 25414

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Check out our list of current sponsors for the 2017 East Coast Grand Nationals at Summit Point. Below are the links to our sponsors websites.


Aeromotive: https://www.aeromotiveinc.com/


[Per•for•mance] A vehicle’s capacity to gain speed rapidly and move efficiently at a high speed.

We believe that performance means reliability, longevity and durability. This is the philosophy we’ve built our company and our products on. Through the years, we have grown rapidly and are distancing ourselves from our competition because of our methodical, meticulous approach to deliver unrivaled performance with unmatched durability.

When others couldn’t deliver, we’ve asked: Why can’t a performance fuel pump run for 125,000+ street miles? Why can’t it fuel you through rush hour and then down the track each and every weekend? This is where we flourish. Being the best is no secret. By utilizing aerospace processes, procedures and technology, in-house engineering, true applications knowledge and 3 generations of track experience, it’s easy to see why we are the “BEST”.

You will never see us do a “ME TOO” product. Every product we develop offers some feature or benefit left off the table by our competition. And rest assured, every product that leaves our facility has been tested to the strictest standards and guaranteed by Aeromotive for integrity and reliability. We do all this to guarantee that you have the best performance fuel system your hard earned dollar can buy.


American Muscle: www.AmericanMuscle.com


Founded in early 2003 by Andrew and Steve Voudouris, AmericanMuscle.com is well established as one of the best, most reliable online aftermarket retailers in the business. Catering to the needs of all late-model Mustang and F-150 owners and enthusiasts, we sell the hottest products at the best prices you can find. Our staff offers top-notch customer service, both over the phone and in person at our 115,000+ sq. ft. warehouse located just 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA.


Constantly working to expand our reach, AmericanMuscle.com products have repeatedly been profiled in magazines likeModified Mustangs, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, and Mustang Enthusiast. Keep an eye out for our advertisements in those publications, as well as many other Mustang aficionado magazines


BullyDog/SCT: https://www.sctflash.com/


SCT Performance LLC. is a leading provider of handheld automotive performance / fuel economy programmers and custom tuning software for Ford, General Motors and Dodge / Chrysler vehicles.

Founded in 2003 by hard-core automotive enthusiasts, SCT's employees share a passion for the products they create and the performance vehicles that utilize them. Our employees are not just engineers, managers and sales people. Many are performance enthusiasts that build, race and drive high performance vehicles


Chadwicks Triple Play Car Care Virginia: https://www.facebook.com/www.Tripleplaycarcareva2016/

Chadwick's Triple Play and it's system will clean, polish and protect your car without soap, water or wax...All in one bottle...It's the only car care product you will ever need...Developed by Nationally known professional detailer Neil Chadwick...




Serving communities across the country with more than 2,000 restaurants, today customers can find Chick-fil-A inside airports, malls, college campuses, in the heart of Manhattan, and nestled among the thousands of busy streets connecting neighborhoods in 46 states and the District of Columbia. An innovator from the start, Chick-fil-A was the first restaurant to pair shopping and eating by opening its first restaurant in an Atlanta-area mall. Today our restaurant designs are still leading the way, most recently receiving recognition for a California restaurant design that placed Chick-fil-A among the likes of design icons such as Apple, Ralph Lauren, and Lululemon


CipherAuto: cipherauto.com


Cipher Auto as a company is a relative new-comer to the long standing automotive and tuner market, but our founding members, our employees, and our factories all have years of experience each on our side. With 5+ years of mixed experience within and all over the automotive industry, we recognize the direction of the industry and we do our best to innovate and produce products that people will actually want. We have taken all our experience and effort and put it into making clean and tasteful racing seats. Our racing seats are also inspired by other premium brands. The end result is a racing seat that will not disappoint.


Coker Tire: https://www.cokertire.com/


Since 1958, Coker Tire Company has supplied collector vehicle enthusiasts with tires and wheels for many applications. With such brands as Firestone, Michelin, U.S. Royal and BFGoodrich, the product line at Coker Tire is filled with high quality bias ply and radial tires. Coker Tire ships worldwide and attends more than 40 events a year


Fred Beans Ford: http://www.fbwestchester.com/


Fred Beans is Everything Automotive. Right from the start, our mission has been to meet your every automotive need. Whether you're looking to buy, rent, get a tow or have your vehicle serviced - and everything in between - Fred Beans does it all. And we accomplish it all with cutting-edge technology that keeps us ahead of the competition. When you visit us, you know your vehicle is getting the very best treatment, and so are you! After all, we are a family organization with family values. It all adds up to a dealership experience unlike any other. So next time you're in need of anything automotive, come to the family of dealerships that's everything automotive: Fred Beans. We look forward to meeting you!


Garage Wraps: https://www.garagewraps.com/


We have launched GarageWraps.com as a resource for fellow car enthusiasts to upload their photos to be printed and displayed on unique products. We offer customized Garage wraps, Canvas wraps, and decals, banners and posters.


Gold Eagle: https://www.goldeagle.com/


Armin Hirsch started Gold Eagle with a small Chicago storefront, and a vision to produce only the most innovative automotive chemicals. In 1932, Hirsch’s business focused on preventing and curing the toughest engine problems. Since then, Gold Eagle has evolved beyond the engine to offer complete protection for all the things you’re passionate about—from cars to boats to recreation equipment to patio furniture and more. With millions of satisfied customers, it's hard to believe the company behind some of the world's most trusted automotive brands started as a one-man operation


Hagerty: https://www.hagerty.com/

It's all about passion. We have grown to be the global leader for collector car and boat insurance, but we're still just a family business built on a love for the hobby. Our passion drives us to keep improving our product and to give our clients the best service imaginable


Kwan International: http://kwaninternational.com/

It’s your brand and we put the focus on you. Budgets are driving the decisions of companies today, but marketing is an effort that simply cannot be neglected. Outsourcing marketing to complement the efforts of your in-house marketing can be a very cost effective move.

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Nitrous Express:http://www.nitrousexpress.com/


Wow, how do I start to tell the world why NX is different and better than any other company? Let’s start with the NX philosophy:


All components must be of the highest quality, no off shore junk!

99% of NX products are produced and assembled in the USA!

All NX components and systems must be tested and proven before they are shipped to any customers!

All horsepower claims must be accurate and dyno proven at the wheel!

NX copies no one; we lead the industry in technology and innovation!

Never be satisfied with the status quo!

Always give the customer more than he expects!


Now let’s get to who NX really is, I’m Mike Wood. I own 100% of Nitrous Express and have been involved with the nitrous phenomenon since 1978. I started with a small NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems) nitrous kit on my TransAm. I thought this is the greatest thing since the invention of the automobile! Soon thereafter I installed a NOS direct port kit, or fogger as NOS called it, on my racecar. It was cool but I experienced multiple issues right out of the box. Out of necessity I got involved with the science and hardware used with nitrous oxide. I soon discovered many opportunities for improvement in the current nitrous kits offered, corrected them and earned a reputation of being the “Go to Guy” if you wanted to run nitrous. This was pretty easy, in 1979 few people in the racing world had even heard of nitrous. At that time, there were only a couple of companies that made nitrous kits, the most common being Nitrous Oxide Systems or NOS. NOS was so dominant in those days that many consumers still refer to nitrous oxide as nos, noz or even nos nitrous.
Through the 1980’s and early 90’s nitrous jetting patterns and tune-up information were hit and miss at best. Out of necessity, I set up a flow bench to precisely measure the amounts of nitrous and fuel used by each nitrous kit. The information learned during the flow testing was invaluable. Before I knew it, I was modifying and hot rodding almost every part of every nitrous system I used and/or sold to my fellow racers. (See there website for the rest of the Nitrous Express philosophy)


Optima Batteries:https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us?utm_source=Bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Bing+Brand+Optima&utm_term=optimabatteries.com


With a 40-year history of technological innovation and engineering, OPTIMA®products offer unstoppable power for extreme enthusiasts and others who require THE ULTIMATE POWER SOURCE. In the 1970s, OPTIMA Batteries introduced the first maintenance-free lead acid batteries for commercial and military use and the first high‐performance AGM automotive batteries. OPTIMA innovation didn’t stop there. In just the past decade alone, OPTIMA revolutionized the industry with the introduction of its unique SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® as well as developing their first digital battery charger and maintainer

Team Shelby Discount Carlisle 2017.doc

sponsor flyer.jpg

sponsor flyer2.jpg

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20% savings in registration for the Carlisle Ford Nationals ends tomorrow!!!


You need to register for the Ford Nationals if attending and participating in Team Shelby events taking place at Carlisle.


You will be able to register for Carlisle after tomorrow, you will just forfeit the discounted admission fee.



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20% savings in registration for the Carlisle Ford Nationals ends tomorrow!!!


You need to register for the Ford Nationals if attending and participating in Team Shelby events taking place at Carlisle.


You will be able to register for Carlisle after tomorrow, you will just forfeit the discounted admission fee.



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I'm excited to participate in both, the Summit Point visit, and for the first time, Carlisle too.


Are many of you exhibiting your cars though? I'm a bit confused on that as they say you must commit for three days. And, ignorant as I am; will the Shelby's be inside under cover or outside in the elements?


Thanks in advance.

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I wish i could participate in the festivities, but i got a letter the other day that i need to have my car in Carlisle on Thursday, June 1st. My car will be in Building T for the 50th Anniversary GT500 Display :dance:

That's great! I know a few Team Shelby members were interested in being part of the display, but couldn't give up their car from Thursday until Sunday because of all the other events going on.


You still could just sign up for the Carlisle portion of the event and join us for everything we have planned on Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday and even after the downtown parade.



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I can't wait! Refresh my memory; do we need to pre register for this or just show up?

You need to preregister for everything....


Hotel rooms in WV and PA can be reserved now.


You can register for Ford Carlisle now, which you will need to do if you are joining us in PA. Be sure to include the Saturday night parade and indicate your group affiliation is Team Shelby.


Track registration and the overall East Coast Grand National registration will open shortly.


What other questions can I answer for you?



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