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2007 exhaust is too quiet

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I put slp muffler deletes on my 2007. The damn thigs super quiet. So im thinking up next is cat deletes. I hate installing long tubes so im looking for some insight. I had slp muffler deletes on my 14 5.0 they were perfect for highway loud and everything no drone still rowdy when you get in it. But my gt500 i wanna unleash some serious sound. Can i get away with no long tubes and just go o/r h and a tune or will i need headers too. I had a 09 with borlas that was still cated that was 3 times as loud i cant figure out why this damn things so quiet but i was highly unimpressed with my slp muffler deletes. Let me know your thoughts i know these stingers are bad ass and its just got to be something up stream ruining my good time. Thanks guys.

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I had Ford Racing with the H-pipe. Not that loud but I enjoyed the sound.


Then I went for a ride in a mustang with QTP electric cutouts and I was blown away! I was convinced that if I still had the GT500 there would only be one upgrade left.




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I had a 1967 Thunder Bolt and what I found is Fords like to breathe and we would run the cutoffs straight off and out the end of the collector, this way it's just like your at the race track. The normal exhaust system would be like QTP electric cutout system coming off the straight cutout at a 33 degree angle going back to any street required equipment and mufflers. Now this system is built for maximum horsepower just like your at the race track and you would have to pay attention to too much back pressure on how you come off the cutout when using it on the street. With these new motors and electronic computer timing systems anything you do on the front end or back end of these motors you must check the fuel mixture for being lean or rich. Timing should be played with for more power since your now your utilizing the headers and the motor can now breathe. Of course it's LOUD!

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In today's world of technology there is no reason to remove the Cats on a newer car and if you are married the 2nd time your wife stinks all day from the exhaust you are in trouble


Many top exhaust companies have High-Flow Cats and Mufflers that are plenty loud. Borla ATAK, Kooks, Spintech, even Flowmaster all these mufflers plenty loud.


If you live in state that still does emission you will failure or pain in the ass to swap back on. Do yourself a favor keep the cats

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Sorry if I didn't explain myself correctly, but my install was only on how you install the cutout the cat and muffler remains unless you want fix it tickets. As I live in California all equipment must be on the vehicle and work, so I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.

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