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Just Purchased 07H110

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Just got 07H110 home from temp storage in NC. Took delivery on 26 Oct, but had to wait until 12 Nov to get it home to MD on a trailer. I spent most of 13 Nov driving it around and having fun doing it. Warm enough to have top down fun. Got lots of looks and questions when we stopped for lunch. Do have a couple of questions. Car is missing one of the plastic ducts next to the fog light and was wondering where to get one. Also my hood pin ring and lanyards could use replacing and where can these be found? Thanks and I now know what it is like to own a Shelby.

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Congrats on your purchase! Sorry I cant help you on the plastic ducts since I own a 06 but on the lanyards and pins try Scott Drake. I replaced mine and Scott supplied them. His web is www.drakeautomotivegroup.com. I'm sure another helpful Hertz owner will be able to help with the ducts. And enjoy the 07.

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Shelby Ebay store also has some billet hood pins if so inclined to change them but the OEM most likely are still available from Scott Drake as mentioned.







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