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need help on strut isolator


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I had the bright idea that when I go to lower my car to keep the original front struts in tact.

I bought new 11+ strut mounts to go with my frpp springs and adjustable new shocks.

Well you need that wrap around rubbery spring isolator off the old spring/strut assembly to put it on the new frpp L spring but my whole idea was I don't want to dick with the originals incase I want to put it back later.

So the only thing I need is that isolator on the bottom coil of the spring any idea where I could get one exactly like comes on an 07-09 car? I just left the ford place after having to drive there to show them how to read an AIM manual after the parts girl and a tech told me there is not one on my car.

I was right there clearly shown on the spring but looks like you have to buy a spring that is currently not even available anymore to get the 10 cent isolator...


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