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Need help with what jounce bumpers are correct to use.


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I ordered the recommended jounce bumper kit to go along with the FRPP springs and new ford racingadjustable shocks / by tokico. I installed the new softer jounce bumpers when I installed the rear springs and shocks.

However, the new frpp struts come with a jounce bumper on them already under the dust shield.

So, what do I do remove that one and install the one recommended with lowering springs or keep the one on the new frpp strut? They appear different in colors and I can't see that good close up but the numbers didn't seem to match.



I called Ford Racing Performance and asked the question and what the durometer ratings are on both. They're always nice and try to be helpful but they had no clue and said "no need to use both" I just left it at that and said thanks smile.gif

I assume either is fine but when they recommend you order that kit it throws you for a loop when the strut that is designed for lowered cars comes with one already.

I assumed it recommended ordering the kit instead of taking the one off your original strut and reusing it.

Lesson learned from me is the jounce kit is not needed and was a waste of a few $ I have yet to ever feel the rear of my car bottom out either.

Any advice? hat did you guys do that was in this situation. Rather go with what is correct for this application.


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