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Burned up some Goodyear today!


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(As soon as I figure out how to post videos, I'll post proof of the day!)

Beautiful day in the Great Smoky Mountains today. Left Gatlinburg about 11 this morning. Took 441 over to Cherokee, then over to Bryson City, headed for the Dragon's Tail. Got sidetracked and wound up running Hwy 28 (Moonshiner 28) from Hwy 74 down to Franklin, NC and back to 74, then on to the Dragon's Tail at Deal's Gap. Glorious day for 1) a convertible 2) a supercharged V8, 3) a tough 6-speed and willing clutch, and finally and most important 4) a wife who tirelessly "enjoys" these indulgences! Ran the Dragon 3 times--fantastic! I put the Ford CAI and tune on the car about a year ago and the increase in torque was more than evident--felt like it could whip the tail of the car up off the road hauling up out of some of those corners. Wound down the day coming back via the Foothills Parkway. Met a guy up there driving a 1929 Chevy stake-bed truck. Rolled back into Pigeon Forge about 8:15. Great day, absolutely a great day.


Left KY on Wednesday afternoon. Stopped about 15 minutes from home to top off with Premium. I'm driving a 9 year old car. It's 3 generations removed from new and the guy at the pump across from me says, whew wee, how fast will that thing run. There was a KY state trooper on the other side and I winked and said fast enough to get in trouble with him. (I've padded the income of both KY and IN since May) He ooed and ahhed over the car and said he thought it was brand new when I told him it was an 07. Dinner at Cookville--man, woman and daughter at the next table were discussing my car. How can you tell, asks my wife. Because he said I don't think I've seen one of those Shelby's before. I was parked right up front. Gas stop at Lovell Rd., Knoxville. Kid across the pumps, driving an F150 about 3 feet off the ground says, cool car man, keep 'er straight. Breakfast this morning, a kid-pre-driving teen, I'm assuming, circles it 3 times and when he sees me get in it, gives me a big thumbs up. It's like a big magnet! Everytime we take it out--and it's become our road trip car--I get comments and thumbs up every. single. time. It's the snake on the side, the name the tail. It's Shelby Magic and it's still working! This year we've taken it to Daytona for the GT premier, Indy to the MCA 40th, this month to Gatlinburg and the Dragon. Long legged grand touring cars don't get much better than this ol' Ford!


Thanks for letting me vent! I'll post pics later and videos as soon as I can figure it out!

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An outstanding post! :) I live just south of Indy. Was driving down 37 theater day and had a guy pull up next to me on the left, back off, slide in behind, come back left and pull aside to give me the thumbs up.. Yup, it's cool and it's ours!



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The easiest way to post pictures is to upload them to photobucket (youtube for videos) and then copy the link and post the link here. That way you don't eat up your quota on the site (I still don't understand why it is there). The other advantage is that the photobucket links are properly sized instead of happening to open a thumbnail.

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Lol. Great post, when I read the title I thought I was going to see a video of a redneck actually burning rubber, I'm glad that isn't the case. Maybe I'm getting old, but every time I see or hear someone doing an actual burnout I always think "What an idiot", I can't believe I actually enjoyed doing that when I was younger.


Glad you had fun, that's what these cars are all about in my opinion!!!

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