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Damn clutch!


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I have a 2008 GT500 which I purchased new. I am on my 5th clutch and it is slipping. First clutch replaced at 12 k mi, 2nd at 27k mi, 3rd at 66k mi and the 4th at 71k mi. The Ford dealer replaced 2 OEM clutches and 1 Shelby Performance Parst twin disc Clutch (made by Ace clutches). When that $1700 clutch went, I took it to a very reputable mustang shop (google Devil's Reject 2000 HP Shelby). They replaced the clutch with the same Shelby PP clutch and I thought my clutch troubles were gone! BOY was I wrong! Now at 76k mi, the clutch is slipping. OH SH_ _! Mustang shop owner tells me it is the transmission synchronizers that are bad. Not sure what a transmission rebuild will cost, but I am sure I don't want to pay for it!


The car is my daily driver, I have never taken it to the track or drag strip, and I don' t ride the clutch. I have driven over 500k miles on standard trans cars and had never replaced a clutch before this car. I am young at heart, but almost 60 chronologically. I need to depend on this car and I don't abuse it. When the car is running good, I love it!! But it has become unreliable. I have had 3 breakdowns on the road this year, 1 clutch related and 2 alternator related. 3 tows by AAA.


Has anybody had this many clutch problems? I am thinking lemon law, but I think the timeframe has expired.


Any thoughts appreciated.


Dejected in Delaware.

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That's really strange. I'm interested to see if other GT500 owners have this issue. Sounds like the transmission for some reason never allows the clutch to fully engage, eventually resulting in excess wear / slippage.

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Dear Dejected, I'm on my third clutch, so I guess I'm lucky! I also have an '08 convert. it is the third revision model. The way i handled it was to buy the Ford extended warranty. Just before it expired,I bought an extended warranty on the extended warranty which will take me out to next year! All the replacements were covered! Ford admitted that there was a manufacturing defect in each clutch, in writing. (see posts in archives circa 2008-9- you may have to contact Shelby for the exact reference)

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