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Just joined...My wish list and early comments...


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Howdy fellow GT350 folks... I will include pics as soon as I am able... Mine is a white with blue stripe, 2016, technology package. Bought it AT STICKER plus $299 dealer fee!!! Burtis Ford...Garden City Kansas... I will buy all my future Fords / Lincoln from this dealership and I am happy to drive from Denver, (my home) to do so... The best people I have ever worked with....Oh, and they have a moral compass!!! Congrats Burtis.... Instead of ripping me for $10,000 over sticker to make a quick buck you easily earned more than $200,000 in my future business! (Planning on getting a Continental, F150 and new explorer over the next 5 years) Dear friends at Omera Ford, Interstate Ford, Longmont Ford, Auto Nation Ford, Phil Long Ford, Sil Terhar Ford.... TAKE NOTE!!! This is how you treat customers!


Misc stuff:


1. Added rear track spoiler. Love the look. It was easy to do with the exception of getting the old tape off. cjponyparts has a good instruct video

2. Added Trufiber carbon fiber door arm covers. They are awful! Don't buy. They are not cut correctly. (not even sure why I did it in the first place)

3. About to add alcantera shift, break and arm rest covers. We will see

4. Ordered replacement oil filters and extra oil drain plug... However, notified that the air filter replacements are not available yet.


Biggest wish....Audio!!! I am typically not an early adopter but this system must be replaced. I am NOT a head banger music guy. I prefer classical music and classic rock. If anyone has any suggestions I am eager for advice. I would prefer to stick with the stock head unit and add carplay once I have a clue how to do it... (HELLO FORD...UPDATES PLEASE) It's my impression this will require hardware additions. I could add sub and aftermarket speakers but I have had BAD experience with using stock head units connected to aftermarket amps. Please share if you have plans for your audio systems or have any suggestions...


THANK YOU FORD... For the super cool owners package that just came!!! HOW FUN!!! It's official and my wife is correct.... I am the biggest dork on the planet!!!

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Welcome aboard!


As far as music goes, there several ways to go, some without replacing anything. Think about ripping your own and playing it through your system. If you have a decent data plan, run Pandora or Slacker through your system. You must not like satellite radio? If you found a good quality audio install place I don't think you'd have a problem adding an amp or sub to your existing head unit.


Whatever you do...enjoy!

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