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Stock SGT mufflers - anyone want to sell?

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My right muffler appears to have cracked on the inside and now it randomly starts making a vibrating noise. I really like the sound of the original setup on the GT-H/SGT and would rather keep it, but finding any of the original mufflers is proving to be difficult. Model number for those is M-5230-GTA and no one has them; there's a M-5230-GTB but that's the bullitt version.


If anyone has done a swap and still has their originals that they'd like to sell, PM me.




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I am new to this forum and have been desperately looking for M-5230-GTA exhausts for my SGT-07

The right vibrates when cold because a baffle inside has cracked.

I opened the exhaust and welded the crack, now everything is perfect, I keep the original sound, Youpiiiiiiiiii!

Here is the cause of the vibrations, small tube was moving.

I know it's been a long time since the post was posted but if anyone is looking for a pic of the interior, that's a giveaway!

Alain from Switzerland





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