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Exhaust setup?


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I have an 11 GT500 and I am looking to install an exhaust. I want it to be EXTREMELY loud I was thinking of going with


lethal performance off road X pipe with


either a lethal performance over the axle pipe with either SLP loudmouths or PYPES bombs


or the lethal x pipe with a pypes cat back


also I will be deleting the resonators


Thanks in advance

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so will catted or high flow catted headers be the same?

Mine are high flow catted only because I have a yearly visual inspections in my state. From what I understand uncatted makes a difference at above 800-900 hp.

Not sure about any difference in the sound.

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Yeah you have to lift the engine to put them on.


I bought my headers from Shelby.


The one and only reason I bought from them was for the GT500 engraving. Not surprisingly the headers I received didn't have that engraving. I guess it was my fault for once again trusting Shelby to deliver on what they advertise.

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