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Modification Plan


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I am looking to put together a modification plan for my stock 2012 GT500 SVTPP. I know this is constantly discussed but I am looking for some template to base my own plan on. I know there are lots of packages you can buy but I don't really trust the numbers I see from someone who profits from selling me the parts. Is there a sticky or does someone know what the proven best practice is for upgrading the performance and in what order. Here is an example of what I don't want to do: buy smaller pulleys for the stock supercharger and then end up replacing it. I have saved up the money and I am ready to do it in one shot. I am hoping I can find this put all together in one place and not have to try and sort it out piecemeal and make some expensive mistakes. I appreciate your knowledge and input.


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I am thinking of going with VMP Performance since I live 45 miles from their shop and could get them to put it together. I spoke with them yesterday and this is what we are thinking. I would appreciate your input especially on the pulley size. The 2.5 pulley makes about 16psi but they also have a 2.4 and a 2.65. Any thoughts welcome.


VMP Gen II TVS 2.3 Supercharger (pulley 2.4, 2.5, 2.65)

VMP Twin Jet 67mm Throttle Body

JLT 123mm Big Air CAI

Ford 56# injectors

90mm idler

Brisk 6R12YS plugs

Custom Tune

VMP Dual Fan Triple Pass HE

Reische 170 deg Thermostat

VMP Fuel Pump Voltage Booster

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i would go with bigger injectors.. but other than that the build looks great. Exactly what I have bought just waiting to take it to the shop for install. I would also looking into some headers.. when you start to get into the higher boost ranges the headers help out on lowing the boost a few lbs. Good luck.

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Not to deter you from modding, but how long have you owned the car, and have you ever driven even just a "pullied stock blower" GT500 with the traction off? I'm only at 540rwhp, but this car gets my full attention when I drive it, and makes PLENNNNTY of power for street use. In fact, it's about at the limit I'd want to road race it. Of course in a straight line, you can never have too much power, but try taking some turns and apexes with 700rwhp...


Don't get me wrong, 700rwhp would be a blast, but there is no way you can use that power on the street, until about 4th gear. A lot of people have built huge monster HP cars, then they become boat anchors (they stop driving the car), because there is no tire that will hold that power on the street, and spinning 1-3gear gets tiring after a while.


VMP is a great tuner, and they have made their name with the tunes, and superchargers they sell. You can't go wrong with the GenII TVS.

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What is your goal for the car ? You can have anything your budget will allow.

My 11 was modded in stages, as I was new to the hobby & didn't know what I wanted.

I had a plan for the 14 two years before I even thought about ordering it.

VMP has a good reputation, & having your car tuned @ their shop will give you a very good tune.....( only way to get a " custom " tune )


If your car has the stock tires, they should be replaced ASAP !!

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Thanks guys. I have owned the car since 2012. I bought it used with 5000 miles on it. I drive it every day. I drive it without traction control most of the time. Straight line I have experienced everything the stock car can produce. I don't do a lot of high speed turns. I take turns fast but I am not interested in finding out what the limits are on turns when I do all my driving on public roads and testing the ability of the car to corner on a public street is a good recipe to hear the sickening sound of metal bending. Why do I want the extra horsepower? Well because I like driving a car that scares me a little and I like the satisfaction of knowing the power is there. To answer the tire question, I am on my third set. Removed the stock tires 2013 and replaced them with Michelin Pilot Supersports. These wore out last month and I replaced them with Michelin Pilot Sport AS. I was a little reluctant to go with the Pilot AS over the SS but Michelin was not making the SS at time of purchase and I could not wait since its my driver. I have been pleasantly surprised. The AS launches the car the best yet and I feel secure driving in the daily rain showers in central FL. I am also educating myself on drag radials. My plan for the car is to just have a really bad ass daily driver. I have been thinking about maybe taking it to the drag strip. More really just to do it than compete but the main goal is to drive it to work with a smile on my face and bloodstream full of adrenalin on my ride home. I want it done right though. I am throwing some control arms into the build but plan to wait and see what happens with the clutch. Like I said I wont be at the drag strip every week so I might get some more time out of the one I have. 550 HP was more than enough for a very long time. I was afraid of the car when I first got it which was cool. Slowly over 4 years I have felt her out pretty well and I am ready for her to scare me again.

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I am a little confused on the control arms still. Here are my questions?:

- I am pretty happy with the ride height on the SVTPP. Should I get non-adjustable control arms if I don't want to lower the car or should I get adjustable ones so that I have that option later?

- Do you need adjustable control arms if you go to a one piece drive shaft?

- What's the deal with the grease fittings on the BMR product. Is this something that you guys use or is it just a nice feature. Am I going to get a lot of squeaking if I go with control arms that don't have grease fittings? So far BMR is the only manufacturer I see doing that. I drive this car regularly and I don't mind a stiffer ride but suspension noise will bother me.

-VMP recommended the UPR LCA's http://www.vmpperfor...-2002-13-sh.htm

does anyone have feedback on them? In the picture it almost looks like there may be a grease fitting but I cant tell.

-How do the SVTPP rear shocks compare to the Koni yellows?


Thanks in advance,


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Once you hit the 600rwhp mark, the stock clutch's days are numbered.


I got 80k miles out of my stock clutch with a pulley and tune. Now I'm at 600rwhp with a TVS and 3000k miles on a replacement OEM clutch. I've been pushing the car and it is holding up great!!

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