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Stock clutch preference


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Good evening,


I need a little help from the group on which factory clutch is better (in terms of clutch life and holding capacity). I have a 2008 that is stock except for a 2.5 pulley, KR mufflers, Lund tune and a JLT CAI. It has 14k miles on it and it has the stock clutch that, knock on wood, is functioning perfectly. Frankly, I really like the feel of the stock clutch.


A year ago I got a killer deal on an oem replacement that the newest TSB calls for (2010 style unit). It's a spare and ready for when the stock unit fails. However, on Friday I stumbled across a brand new Ford TSB kit that replaces the original with the 2009 style unit. It's a ceramic puck unit but has the revised flywheel and nickel coated hub. It even has new bolts and slave still in their boxes.


Because I like the feel of the stock unit For less than $500 and was tempted to buy it and use it as a replacement but I wanted to see if anyone had any opinions on that style. For those of you who have replaced your stock units with the second generation of TSB clutches how did they do?


What do you think?


Thank you,


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