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as the title says, i'm in need of an underhood wiring diagram. anyone have a set they can scan, sell, share, whatever? i'm taking apart the harnesses, and need to see what to remove at the bulkhead connector. i'm trying to salvage it cleanly, to be able to send along to the next person in need. will cross-post in the dakota section, along with some pics.


thanks in advance!! :lol:LAST_SHOT_BEFORE_SWAP.jpg

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Its the same wiring as a regular Dodge Dakota V6. All Shelby Auto's did was add a couple of wires & a relay to the V6 harness for the electric cooling fans.


You can purchase a factory Dakota manual off ebay, see link below, or perhaps your local library may have one. Be careful when using a Haynes or Chiltons book as they normally use a generic wiring diagram that may or may not be correct. Same with free online diagrams, not always accurate.





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thanks for a response. i have this book already, and it doesn't match what's in the harness. some parts do, but some don't, and that's at the bulkhead connector, not "downstream" in the harness. the search continues....

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