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Track Tire Questions

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I track my car a couple of times a year and have decided my next upgrade would be a new set of track wheels and tires. I will most likely will be driving to and from the track with the new set up. I am going with 18 x 9.5 inch wheels at all four corners and now looking at tire size. I understand that a 275/35 tire would handle better than a 275/40 tire. My questions are, with our SGT's already sitting low, is the 275/35 too low for clearance? The 275/35 tire is 1.1 inches shorter than a 275/40 tire so does that drop the car by 1 inch or only 1/2 inch? i would appreciate your expert opinion!



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I ran 275/35/18 on 18x10 rims... they do look shorter and make the car lower but they felt fantastic. I had the old rivals, but the new rivals and the RE71R's are insanely grippy for street tires... not sure on longgevity for open track, but amazing for autocross.


I'll see if i can find a pic of it NOT moving, but here's how mine looked with the "track" setup:





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I recommend the 275/40-18 on the 18x9.5" wheels. JMO


That is the set up I use on the track with track tires. It balances performance with sidewall flexibility. Same as Albino500, JMO.



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