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MORE parking for the MCA 40th

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For those that are attending the MCA 40th Anniversary in Indy I am heading up the MORE parking for Team Shelby.


As with any program like this, in order to make it work and be properly executed, prior planning and coordination of all the participants is essential.

1. A minimum of 20 cars are required to reserve a MORE parking area for your group.

2. All participants in your group must be registered for the Mustang Club of America 40th Anniversary Celebration.

3. Each group must have ONE designated group coordinator who will be the point of contact with the MORE Program Coordinator.

4. Deadline to apply for a MORE parking area is July 31, 2016 (this deadline is firm).

5. All areas will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

6. Your group will be assigned an exclusive number by which to identify it.

7. The MORE Program Coordinator will provide the Group Coordinator with an EXCEL spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will provide following data for persons in your group that wish to participate:

a. Name

b. Address

c. Phone

d. Email address

e. Club/Group name

f. # of cars per participant

DO NOT send any other information and DO NOT omit any of this information. NO OTHER SPREADSHEET WILL BE ACCEPTED.

8. Participants must acknowledge that they are committed to parking in their assigned MORE parking area. Their mirror hang tag will indicate such.

9. No tents allowed in the MORE parking area.

10. Only the MUSTANG registered for the Mustang Club of America 40th Anniversary Celebration will be allowed to park in the MORE lot.


Please send your info to Rich Michiels teamshelby.il@hotmail.com

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I am attending if everything goes right and bringing the Terlingua so what exactly do you want if parking in a group?

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I sent Rich the following information for the spread sheet he needs to turn in (before July 31st).

sent it to this email - teamshelby.il@hotmail.co




Phone number

Email Address

Club or Group Name (Team Shelby)

# of cars you will have parked there (one, two, three)


hope this helps.



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To anyone involved with setting this up - thank you! The MORE parking was excellent. Nice being on pavement instead of grass and being right next to the Ford Performance exhibit was even better! Got my wife to sit in the drivers seat of a GT350 and she LIKED it! :happy feet:


And then she sat in the passenger seat and it all went to hell because there was no vertical adjustment and she couldn't see over the dash. :banghead:

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Thanks to all that attended the 40th. I didn't arrive until Saturday morning and I too liked where we were placed. Sorry that I didn't meet up with everyone. I think the MCA did a wonderful job in planning and executing the event.

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