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Center Console Vibration/noise?


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Haven't noticed any vibrating noise issues inside. The engine pulls like a mule train up to about 8250 rpm, with a refreshingly broad power band. This car reminds me of a Ford Mustang FR500GT ( cost $225K ) back in 2006. I never thought we could buy one for the street. Oh yeah the Roush-Yates 5.0 red line was 7100 rpm making 534 hp. With drag radials the 350 is in the 11's, actually faster then the FR 500GT. Man it's great to be a Ford fan these days. Can't wait to break her in so I can experience this myself.

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A few thoughts about vibration now after about 300 miles in the seat.


First off, I've never driven the car a foot without being switched into Sport mode. Why bother.... :drop:


That said, maybe the issue of a vibrative rear view mirror at cruising speed is due to the loud exhaust? It does vibrate excessively tho.


One other thing on this car..... The exterior mirrors are too small. They look fine on the cars exterior OK, but the viewing surface area is too small IMHO, not to mention the little convex robs from valuable normal viewing area as well. I'm not surprised that the Euro spec mirrors are larger. I'd like to see if I could get a set for my car.

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