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Opinions on Borla Exhaust S-Type, Thinking of something a bit Louder?


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Hey everyone,


I have this question that might of been asked before but since I'm fairly new I wanted to get peoples opinions on the matter. I currently have stock headers and H-pipe on my 2012 shelby but upgraded the axle mid pipes and exhaust back mufflers to Borla S-types. I've had them on the car for about 5 months now and don't get me wrong I think they sound great, but I still feel like they don't have that deeper classic muscle tone that I've heard from other mufflers.


Loudness is great but falls a little short to my standards. I think they could be just a tad bit more louder but not annoying loud while retaining a more deeper muscle tone. I was going to buy the Atak setup but didn't like how the Ataks lose some of the deep notes compared to the S-types. So I've been thinking about either selling my S-type mufflers (while retaining my Borla mid-pipes) or trading them for something else but before I do such a thing I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or experiences on other setups.

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For the sound of fury, I don't think you can beat Borla ATAK. It's always a personal choice, but the build quality and performance (especially no drone anywhere in the rev band)sets the Borla apart from the pack in my experience. Not sure

what tone range you're focused on, but I love the ATAKs from idle to full right foot planted.


Good luck with the search for your sound,



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I have the Borla Stingers with Kooks headers and high flow cat X pipe on my GT500. I absolutely love the sound! I put a link to checkout my youtube video of the exhaust. The only difference is that the car is cammed as well. But you can get an idea of exactly how great the Borla's sound. With the headers, I don't think there is a deeper sounding muffler out there. I've had 4 different exhaust setups on mine and this is by far the best I've found.


This is my most recent video.




This is another video of just the startup.



Hope you enjoy!

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