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Suspension Mod Advice (Caster/Camber Plates

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I am getting ready to lower my 2008 GT-500 using FRPP M-5300-L springs, Strut Mounts & Jounce bumpers , Tokico Spec D shocks & Struts, and a BMR adjustable Pan hard bar. Would someone with a similar installation please advise if they needed Caster Camber plates after lowering the car?



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To bring your front roll center height back up you can use FRPP or KB high-temp extended shank tie-rod ends and Steeda X5 ball-joints. Both have 3/4" shanks to compensate for the drop with the front springs. This also eliminates the need for caster/camber plates and puts your bump-steer back where it should be too.

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I installed these and love them, better handling, nice clean install. Just so you know I don't work for Vorshlag I just love their products and the work they've done for me. I cut and pasted this description from their newsletter.


New Products Developed and Built By Vorshlag

Thank you for your continued support with Vorshlag products. Earlier this year we were able to catch up with our backlog of machined Vorshlag parts using our in-house CNC machines. This has also allowed time to development some new products. Here are two new camber plate designs.


Camber/Caster Plates


S550 Mustang



We made our S550 Mustang camber plate initially for use with coilover springs in 2015, but in March of 2016 we made a prototype use with OEM style springs.


This design is made for cars using the factory spring, lowering springs, or the popular GT350R springs - as shown below on our prototype tester's CAM-C classed 2015 Mustang.

Purchase Options for OEM S550 Camber Plate



Compatible with all OEM diameter factory and aftermarket (lowering) springs for S550.

Works on the 2015-up Mustang Ecoboost, V6, GT and Shelby GT350 and GT350R.

Installs with basic hand tools, no chassis modifications required.

Caster & Camber are independently adjustable.

Camber is easily adjustable at the track with simple (metric) hand tools.

Caster is adjustable with two fixed positions: factory (middle) and +1 degree (rear).

The spherical bearing used in the Vorshlag camber plate is the largest used in any S550 Mustang camber plate on the market. The result has much better durability and wear characteristics than the undersized bearings used in our competitors' plates.

Aluminum alloy main plate and steel alloy bearing holder construction - Tough as a tank!

All components plated for maximum corrosion resistance and long life.

Vorshlag upper spring perches are included and built to fit the strut style you select.


Our S550 camber plate plate can easily be upgraded to coilover spring use if you ever upgrade your struts and springs. We make upper perches to fit 2.25", 60mm, or 2.5" ID coilover springs.


Learn More on our blog

Purchase Options for Coilover S550 Camber Plate



Vorshlag Motorsports

972-422-7170 | sales@vorshlag.com | www.vorshlag.com


Vorshlag Motorsports

1703 Capital Avenue

Plano TX 75074

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