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Bought SSnake is Grundy Insurance any good?


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I have Hagerty for other cars and collectible motorcycles, so I called them first because they said they also insure 'modern collectible' cars. However, with the agent on the phone, she stated that they really want to limit the annual miles as most of their members drive to occasional car shows or parades and such. I told her I have no idea how many miles I would be driving the Shelby annually, but that it would certainly be more than the occasional car show.


She recommended that I stick with my regular car insurance (I did) and give her a call back in a year when I had a better idea for a mileage allowance. Not sure if other collector car insurance companies are similar, but that was my experience.

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I have Grundy for both my Super Snakes w/agreed value. They were the cheapest I could find.


Worked out to around $140 / 10K insured annually. No mileage restrictions.




I use Grundy for the Shelby and Hubbys Corvette. Stated value which increases every year. No mileage limits. Use Great American Classic Car for the oldies.


^^^^ :yup:

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I have Grundy on 4 cars right now. I did some shopping earlier in the year with Hagerty and a few others since Hagerty came to a club meeting and has been sponsoring a few of our shows. Hagerty could not match my rate at Grundy by quite a few hundred per car. I've also had a major paint claim with Grundy on my Shelby years back and they were awesome to deal with and I had a check in a few days from the claim. I'm very happy with Grundy.

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