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Has anyone installed a tach with shift light

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The tach may be accurate but you have to take your eyes off of the road to see it. So I would like to have a tach more in the line of sight. BTW these cars will hold there own in a drag race.

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I had the same concerns about having to look down at the tach, especially when the car is moving around under hard acceleration.

I ended up installing a red led Raptor shift light only, and it works great for me on the street and drag strip.

I mounted mine between the tach and the speedo, and it works great even in the daytime.

Our local track runs north to south and with a helmet blue blocker visor on, even during mid day in the fall the shift light is easy to see.

I find that I don't even need to see the tach, just shift when the light comes on.

My rev limiter is set at 6200 rpm, and my shift light is set at 5800 rpm.

You can find install info and photos here:


I rate it as one of my top driver friendly mods.

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