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Mounting place for GT/SC Factory SC badge


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I have read two articles on the net on Shelby GT/SC Mustangs regarding the mounting place for the plaque "Factory Super Charged by Shelby Automobiles". One says the opposite side of the original Shelby engine bay plaque on right side of radiator and others have said on the shock tower where holes appear already from battery relocation/placement when supercharger was installed. I like the opposite side my self.


Shelby correct placement protocol information requested.






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While there may be some irregularities, Shelby American has consistently installed the factory supercharged plaque on the strut tower. Roger's plaque was not installed at the time his car was SC'd at Tasca so I'm not sure who down the road made the decision on plaque placement, knowing how particular Roger was about his car I would guess he made the decision on the plaques location.


I'm not sure why Bud stated these plaques will "kink" as the strut tower curvature is not that severe to cause kinking as many owners can attest to. Perhaps Bud dealt with a customer who was too aggressive when installing their plaque, they are thin.


Bottom line is SAI has never sent placement location instructions with these plaques so in some way its owner preference but if one wanted to duplicate SAI placement then the strut tower is the place.



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I don't know about consistency, since my SC badge was installed on the passenger side radiator support by SAI in Las Vegas and not on the strut tower. See attached photo.

You may have overlooked the first part of the sentence "While there may be some irregularities,...."



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Mine was done by Shelby in Las Vegas and is actually on both...





Cougster- your engine bay is sic! I love, as Steven said the full radiator covers.


So all said and done I'm actually unsure of the 2 placement places. The symmetry in me says right side radiator, the Shelby side of me says either place is acceptable. I'll post pictures when done.

Thank you ALL for the input.

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