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Animated Walkthrough Tour of the Los Angeles Shelby Museum


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Nice layout. The museum looks like it will be a winner. However, the cars shown are from the SA Heritage collection and other than CSX2000, I thought were going to stay there. It was my understanding that the Shelby Museum was going to be about CS and his life as a racer, chicken farmer, car builder, cattle and miniature horse rancher, etc.; not so much about the cars with his name on them. CS had a nice collection of privately owned cars that he showed me that were in the Gardena shop storage back in the tire shop days and I thought some of these cars and personal memorabilia were to be displayed. I am guessing that most of the CS personal collection is part of the family trust now.


Last that I had heard a few years back was there was a lot of display planning and acquisition challenges to be done whole the museum designs were being evaluated.


Are funds being raised for the museum at this time (other than limited edition shirt sales)?

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