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CALLING ALL MUSTANGS AND CLUB MEMBERS!!! Folks this morning Nynce received a message from from nice lady named Alicia DeBeao. She just lost her husband who was active military. He was only 23 years of age. Alicia and I spoke on the phone just a little bit ago. She was telling me about there recent purchase of beautiful Mustang. She was telling me how happy her husband SPC Zachary Debeau was the day they brought it home. She has asked us to be a part of his laying to rest. The family feels there is no better way to honor him other having a line of mustangs there for his memory. I am canceling or at least postponing my events to help with this. Helping to lay a Mustang loving United States Solider to rest on memorial day is what a being a car club is all about. I WOULD LIKE EVERY MEMBER OF OUR CLUB TO TAKE PART IN THIS. Nothing is more important then honoring our falling heroes. More details to come working out the particulars. As of now they have asked we be a part of the funeral procession from San Jose to the National Cemetery I think off of Lem Turner. If you can only make half of this then please do what you can. If you are interested please commit below. THIS IS ON MONDAY MEMORIAL DAY!



North Florida

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