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Reset "Change oil Light"


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I can't seem to find a thread..but how do i Reset the "Change Oil light"on a 2011 ?/? THx

It's in your owner's manual and it involves scrolling through some of the 3 buttons near your head light switch. It's quick and easy, but i'm not near my manual to be specific. HTH

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Thx...I've already tried ..it explains to you how to do it in the mustang manuel.but it also says ( Not for GT500 )...so...i looked over the thin manuel for GT500 and cant fins anything that shows you.............Fustrated

I used the mustang manual, not the GT500 supplement. Use one button to scroll to oil life% and another to reset, it goes to 100%. I did find the instructions to have one more step than necessary though :shrug: and just did it my way and it worked.

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