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Another one bites the dust!


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Looks like every air bag went off. Hope the driver got out of that OK. Sad to see.



I agree.


It says right on the report with the pictures that were posted that airbags on driver/passenger/left side=deployed, right side=intact.

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Yup, this was my brother's car. The hood is off because it actually survived, and it is the last Terlingua hood. It's mine, so I get it back. The badges were taken off to give to the next owner as they always get stripped out. No guardrail, but concrete barriers on both sides of the road account for the damage. Both driver and passenger walked away without a scratch, but banged up a little bit.


This really should be a good reminder to all like Bikeboy says. For all the times we have pushed our cars, and drove 'em to the limit, you gotta be aware that it just takes one little thing to turn a close call into something like this.


While the accident was caused by someone else leaving their lane, it was a miracle no other cars were hit and avoided any injury. The SGT did its job! We've seen it a couple times where the wreck looked like a fatality, but engineering did its job and sacrificed the car for the occupants.

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Yes, it was me. "Ghost" did her job and protected my son and I by giving her life. While I am very sad to have lost her, in the end it is just a car and can be replaced (2015 EcoBoost in the driveway right now).


I took the dash and engine plaques and if she is rebuilt I will gladly give them to the new owner. If not they will remain with me to prevent "cloning". The engine caps were stolen after the wreck so please keep an eye out for a complete set showing up anywhere and let me know if you see them please. Slip on headrest covers were also stolen. I removed the PBF badges and they are already on "Storm" our new EcoBoost.


As my brother mentioned, the hood while slightly damaged is safe and sound currently in my garage until Dubbs comes and gets it - Hopefully soon :hysterical:

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