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40th #457 tags on ebay

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Ran across this and thought maybe the owner was on the forum. Regardless, it is a little suspicious there is a 40th out there without proper badging.




The registrar may want to not #457's dash badge and other bits went through ebay.


I don't know how, but if someone could post a few pics of the ad items it would be beneficial for the future.



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This guy has alott of stuff that are restricted items. He even has a bunch of more stuff that aren't even posted. I have ment him in person and have to say he takes advantage of people by the prices he asks. I have sold and have stuff that he has ( no longer made products) but could never take advantage of people that way. Just not right, that being said, I have to admit I have purchased items off him, mainly a set of Acola Super Snake wheels, that were in bad shape. (I just couldn't find a set in good shape that were in my budget) however I don't think he thought they could be restored. So the price was reasonable. I have them at a shop as we speak, and hope they come out looking awesome. The shop uses a coating called defender, which is suppose to be even better then the durabrite coating. I will let everyone know, and do a right up on it, and the shop doing the work. Anyway this guy definitely takes advantage of people.

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