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tire size.. I know

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After MANY hours looking i still cant find a definate answer so im asking.

Im retyping this since i lost it when i tried to add an image.. So heres the short version..


Will a 285 35 20 fit the rear of our 2007 SGT?

We have 285 30 20 now and it is smaller than the front tire and it bugs me...fronts are 255 35 20


We have staggered 20x10 and 20x9 i believe. Not sure because they came on the car.


If i need to know the backspacing and/or offset to figure this out let me know and i will take them off tomorrow and measure.


Any pictures would be great for reference...


We need tires now so i need to figure this out....


Iwasmaybe thinking 275 35 rear and 245 40 front but i really want the wider tires


Thanks for any help..


2007 SGT owned for 7months and about 1500 miles.... Still smiling daily

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I am running a staggered set up with 19" 255/35/20 on the front and 20" 295/35/20 on the rear Nitto Invo's for tires and if you want to check out the stance you can look in my gallery ... Those might work depending on your offset but here is a picture from the rear with the same set up




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The 07 SGT is lowered and not the same ride height as the CS. 1.5" in the front and 2" in the rear. If you are staggered (9 and 10 rims) - max for 9's is 265 and 295 for 10 inch rims. I have this setup and the 295's are right at the edge of my fender (legal). Check my gallery for stance.


Also check the lateral position of your rear end, mine was out by almost an inch to the right from the lowering = panhard corrected it.


There is a wealth of information on these forums about your SGT, many are very interesting reads :worship:

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OK finally made a decision.. I found out my rears are 20x10 with 6.17 backspace and +36 offset.

I decided on the nitto motivo. I decided to go bigger on the rear because the 285 30 on the rear just wasn't working for me... The rears are right to the fender but the fit is perfect. Tires look great and so far no complaints. Road noise is substantially less than the Hankook v12s I had... but to be fair the Hankooks were at the wear bars.


So I ended up going with 295 30 20 rear and 255 35 20 front . I will report back with my opinions on the Motivos... I went with the Motivos because of cost first but mainly because they are USA made and are said the be Ultra high performance all weather... and since this is my almost daily driver (not pouring rain) I wanted a good wet performing tire... the reviews on these were good so I gave them a chance.







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One thing I have found out... that much new rubber picks up everything off the road and it sounds like im driving on gravel... very nice ride so far. Firm ride in town but feels very stable, not jarring.. grip is not as much as I was hoping for but my assumption is that it will improve after a few miles. Road noise is about half of what I had at 60mph. At 60 steering feels slightly less responsive but again I'm hoping that improves with time.

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