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HELP. Cleaning mass air flow sensor

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Hi guys. I am doing an overall service on the car including all fluids, lube, tires, brakes, etc.


Just cleaned the original air filter which was worse than I thought, and a new cabin filter is enroute.


QUESTION: I have always thoroughly cleaned the mass air flow wires with specially designed cleaner but was surprised to see that this 2007 Shelby GT has more of a self contained cartridge or slot type sensor.


Do you guys still spray these down with cleaner, or can that cause damage.

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Yea. I have CRC mass air flow cleaner. Just wasn't sure if you could spray the cartridge type enclosed sensor or not...


I looked at cabin filters at Walmart and then decided to order one on eBay. Found a Pro AC Delco filter for $10.41 total delivered. I think it was part number CF2233.

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