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Another Tracking Question


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can anybody (or does anybody know of someone) who can track Allide Automotive Transport?


Okay, Okay, I didn't listen when people said the wait would require lots of beer and patience but I thought to myself "hey, how long can it really take". But the wait goes on and Grabber told me last Saturday that the car was just released from the loading ramp (last Saturday) and all final checks had been completed on the car. He also said it would not go rail but be shipped through Allied Transport


I was wrong already; can anybody track through this transit company? it seems like it requires a dealer or someone with an account and I tried with no success to set one up. I have a saleseman who pretty much so treats this car no different than a stripped down focus and for just a little more than MSRP for a Black/Red Appearance I really don't want to force the issue and get nasty with him.



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Sorry to hear you are having similar problems in getting your car. If my business providing customer service like we all have recieved, we would be out of business. Oh wait! Maybe this is part of the reason the automakers are having trouble. I agree, you want to be limited on your calls to the dealer so they do not get upset, and say pull the plug? Hang in there. The color combo you are getting is sweet, and is worth the wait.

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