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Boss 302 strut brace on SGT?

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Stock hood. Everything I read says it works, but it is hitting my hood. I bought it to clear my E Force supercharger (which it does.) Does anyone know a trick I'm missing? I really want it to work.







Might have to remove the under hood insulation depending on how much it's hitting. Then recheck the clearance to see if its just the insulation that's hitting or if doesn't fit regardless (hitting the hood itself). If it's just the insulation you could cut a small area where it's hitting, or keep it off completely.


The insulation is held on with 12 or 13 plastic push pin retainers and comes off pretty easy.



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Go to this old thread http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/57341-better-late-than-never/page-2 where member 2007_Shelby_GT installed an Edlebrock E-Force SC on his car. Go to post #41 and he shows using the V6 strut tower brace. It looks like a good option.


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