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No posts? not surprised


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There is no posts on this new Shelby/Tuscany F150 and not surprised at all I mean who is buying a $98k Truck???


This truck looks mean like a Super Snake but at a $100k wow at that price I could buy a Cadillac CTS-V, Mercedes CLS AMG, BMW M6 Grand Coupe, Nissan GT-R, and a bad ass ultimate F150 Raptor

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$100k for a truck people must have money to burn


Shopped for a truck lately? ......$65 to 70k MSRP are very common and people are are buying millions of trucks.


Why not drop a little extra and get a Shelby? We all did!

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One just showed up at my semi local ford Roush dealership! Sitting on the showroom floor next to a RS3.


Sticker is over 100K, but the fact that that dealer has one makes me think they are selling quite well.


I have yet to see it, only talk from fellow coworkers that have seen it.

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Nothing for nothing but looking at your garage list (in your signature) you have smoked through some moohla yourself.


True, but its not the entire story

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