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Specific Exhaust Quesiton


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So, Ive been running the Roush Extreme Offroad Exhaust paired with an H mid insert on my '07 Still catted and stock manifolds. Im wanting to Run 1-7/8 ARH and Catless H. This is all 3' that will neck downt to the 2.5' on the Roush side. Anyone ran a similiar exhaust? Just curious to see if anyone has ran something similar. Love my Roush setup and the H. Just ready to get rid of the cats and stock manifolds.





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Can't comment on that specific setup, I'm sure it rocks, but I love :love_shower: love :love_shower: love :love_shower: my KR Axle-back exhaust!


One of the freaking best $500 with a 30 min install investments I made



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I have been wanting to get the KR mufflers as well. Did you keep the stock X-pipe or go with an aftermarket H-pipe?




I kept the stock X-pipe. A number of people did change to the H-pipe, but since I kept the stock X-pipe, I can't speak on the ROI (work & $$) and actual difference.


Gives the sound that immediately comes to my mind when I fire it up (kind of a deep growl), not too loud for normal driving, and turns heads with a deep sound when I punch it.


They were insanely easy to install too.



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I really like that the KR exhaust is literally a bolt-on, that just takes a 10mm socket, couple of swivels for the socket and a 10 mm open/box end wrench. Oh and an extra joint or two in your arm helps too, if you happen to have 'em 😄

Not an God-awful loud straight-pipes sound, just an impressive growl when you start the car or punch it at all.

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