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t0 - 60 times, mods, & Z06's

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My Vista Vert feels fast. I was very surprised when I pulled a ZO6. Is that possible? With the weight and a fiull talk of gas I thought there would be now way possible. With that, I'm curious about modifying and would like feedback on what a good baseline estimate is for 0-60 times and what the appropriate shift points are to maximize it without tearing things up. I'm currently hitting 57-5,900 rpms and that seems the sweet spot for me but a quick search shows others are revving out to 61-6200!


Next, when looking at tunes, Cai's, gears. etc., has anyone done specific real world testing that shows improvements on 0-60, 1/4 mile? I know they can really show HP and TQ improvements but what's the real world effect other than smoke?!


Thanks for your feedback!

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