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Shelby GT Clear Front Turn Signal Lens Modificaiton

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I just picked up my Shelby GT from a body shop that did a couple of upgrades for me this afternoon. I wanted to reach out to my forum members that have completed a front bumper clear turn signal replacement kit about thier choice of the main clear turn signal replacement bulb. I believe it is a 3157 clear bulb OEM. I am very impressed with the look, but I was hoping the factory clear bulb would shine brighter forward as i was looking for this to look like it had driving lights in this area.


Specifically has anyone done this modification and changed out the main clear bulb to a specific brand or type that projected more forward light. I will post up some pics in a day or so. I would be interested in anyones comments on how to improve this without buying anything aftermarket. Simply looking for a brighter bulb that will fit into the oem factory plug. A buddy of mine suggested a LED switchback white amber combo. I don't personally know anyone that has used this bulb.


The rest of the modifications, installation of a Shelby lower grill protector and new Shelby hood pin lanyards and Shelby GT hood pin disks and gaskets all turned out great.


Any comments or suggestions appreciated.


Regards........... gg

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Ordered 3157 LED Switchback bulbs from Superbright LED Website.


3157 LED Bulb w/ Stock Cover - Dual Function 36 SMD LED Tower - Wedge Retrofit

Part Number: 3157-x3W-G-CAR
For anyone interested this is the bulb I ordered to replace the oem factory clear bulb. As soon as it quits raining I will post up some pics.
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