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Petersen Automotive Museum - Shelby Events


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Not sure if everyone is aware, but there are 2 upcoming events at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles that the Shelby-faithful may want to attend:


Wed. Jan 6//645pm: Beyond the Bibs - https://vimeo.com/147242069


Sun. Jan 10//9am: Carroll Shelby Drive-In

- Shelby American will be bringing the 2015-16 750+hp Super Snake and can answer any questions you may have.



See you out there!


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I was really looking forward to the reopening but when I saw the pictures and read the article on what they had done to it I was so disappointed. I just don't have much desire to fight my way through LA traffic to get to that monstrosity now.....so sad.

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That place is now such an eye-sore and public embarrassment to American car lovers with their French fru-fru vegan/green/eco themes, I won't go anywhere near it until they put it back the way it was before, built for American car lovers.

+1 .... I understand the refresh but it has been taken in the wrong direction and the Petersen museum has lost touch with the blue collar gear heads.

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