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Desperately need tire help 2010 Shelby Vert


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Hey everyone I'm finding choosing tires to be quite the conundrum for my 10 Shelby. I'm not sold on keeping the staggered stock setup either. I wouldn't mind being able to rotate as well. I've been researching for a few days and it's difficult to understand what setups do and don't work with so many opinions out there. So my question is this since I believe it will work. The only option I see for 284/40-18 AS on Tirerack is Michelin but is on backorder.


275/40-18 all the way around on stock 10 convertible wheels. I believe they shall fit and I don't care about dropping 10mm in the back. Will there be any rubbing issues up front? How will it affect steering as I have read some opinions that Ford atock suspension was designed for the 255/285 setup. Will the cars stance be OK with 275s all the way around, no rake any which way frontward or backward? Lastly how badly will it alter my speedo?


Second option which again I'm not opposed to is keeping the 255/45-18s in front and going 275/40-18s out back. Reason for this is I drive in winter but not snow, and really like the price and reviews on the BFG G Force comp 2 A/S. They make them in 255 and 275 but not stock 285 out back. I wouldn't mind the Continental extremecontact DWS as alot of Shelby guys seem to like both the DW and DWS but again they only make the DW in 285 but they do have the DWS in 275/40-18. So the question with this setup would be again the speedo being altered and more importantly how badly would it affect the rack/stance of the car? I don't want my Shelby sagging in the back vs the front.


Thanks for any help or input everyone.

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