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Need Relocation Brackets With M-23000-KR Handling Kit?


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You might want to check the LCA geometry after you get your handling kit installed.

If you lower the back end, that it turn lowers the front LCA mount and then the LCAs will be pointing slightly downwards.

I believe they should remain level for optimum hook up.

The LCA relocation brackets can be added later if needed, there are some good heavy duty bolt-on ones available.

For heavy track or drag strip use though, they should be welded on.

At some point you may also need to consider an adjustable upper LCA as well, to keep the pinion to driveshaft angle in the optimum range.

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If you lower the back of your car one inch, you will lose one inch of wheel travel and that will affect ride and handling.


While you can run without relocation brackets, they are relatively inexpensive and you will be happier with them than without them.

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If you want to eliminate wheel hop, you will need them. Our KR's have that handling pack and I still had wheel hop with all the mods (upper & lower control arms, Watts Link, etc.) Installed the relocation brackets and the hop is gone. Once you install the brackets, you will note the angle of the LCA changed quite a bit.

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